The Gallows

The Gallows ★★★½

so, The Gallows is a teenage cast found footage movie about a cursed high school play. yes, that's right. a cursed high school play. now before you laugh and roll your eyes about how stupid that sounds, think about the premise of the all the dopey and now loved horror films you watched when you were young.
i may be one of the very few, but i liked this one. to me, this was a break from the over thought, over hip, John Carpenter score wanna be flavor of the month pretentious horror movies that seem to saturate fans these days. this is cliched, simple, stupid, has a guy in a mask killing idiot kids and is 73 minutes long. and sometimes that's all i want in a horror movie. i'm not saying anyone is going to call The Gallows is a classic in 20 years or in 20 minutes, but it hit the spot on a Monday night.

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