Captain Marvel ★★

sooooo this movie isn't really that great. there's a lot of fun elements (the cat, fury, skrulls doing spoilery things) and there's a lot of great stuff (carol as a human) that is not focused on nearly enough. but overall... there's a lot of unnecessary garbage wasting time and distracting from a potentially potent and emotional story.

brie larson i actually thought... wasn't that great either. but i'm going to chalk that up to the directing, because a lot of her odd delivery is odd because of the dissonant tones in the story and i'm not sure the directors ever had a clear idea of what the character of carol actually WANTED in any given scene.

maybe the biggest problem is what we all feared going in: captain marvel is too powerful. where infinity war balances at least five ridiculously powerful characters (thanos, thor, strange, scarlet witch, vision), this film is unable to balance ONE. the action direction is so poor that all tension completely dissolves, partially because captain marvel is so powerful, but also partially because the directors do not know how to film the action scenes in a way that make any sense. i can believe that thanos can take on spidey, guardians, strange, and iron man all at the same time because the russos show us almost ALL OF IT happening. here, the directors just DON'T SHOW US captain marvel and expect us to believe that she shouldn't be having an impact on the stuff they ARE showing us.

Now comes the unfairness: As soon as the movie started I knew something was wrong. The center track where the dialogue comes from was very quiet, and the surround sound, especially on the left side, which we were closer to, was actually louder than the dialogue. There was one scene where I could hear a truck backing up in the background more clearly than the words being spoken by the characters. This was very frustrating, and it was impossible for me to engage in the film. Again, during the louder action scenes, when the surround sound gets louder than it would during a normal conversational scene, I could hardly even hear gunshots being fired. To me, a huge part of cinema is immersion: to forget that you are living in this world and being transported to the world of a story unfolding before your eyes. A more technical word for this is “suspension of disbelief”. This technical error in sound mixing snapped my suspension of disbelief in two, and it did not recover for the rest of the movie.

I would like to see the movie again in a theatre that is functioning correctly so I might reassess my first judgement.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is not that bad. It's just very, very messy. It is all over the place for the entirety of its runtime. There are parts of it that I do really like, but none of them are part of a cohesive film. watching this movie almost feels like whiplash: i am trying to get into a certain mode of thinking, and then the directors jerk me into another tone. none of those ideas really run throughout the whole movie, so it makes it hard for me to praise any of them that actually do work (or even could have theoretically been fantastic). unfortunately, this is a 0 out of 1. i am not recommending anyone spend cash to see this in the theatre. it is not very necessary to endgame, nor is it satisfying in and of itself.

save your money, folks. there's a storm coming at the end of april, and i can't freaking wait.

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