World War Z

World War Z ★★

Film is a medium often used to explore the horrors of war, and the effects global scale conflicts can have on a people – so common logic would dictate the title of Marc Forster’s World War Z suggests a reality torn apart by a series of 25 deadly, alphabetically organized World Wars. Tragically, that is not so. Rather than capitalizing on the endless potential its name implies, World War Z gives viewers a uninspired action film with a couple more zombies than usual, focusing on the last and most boring World War instead of a cool one like World War V (the Vampire War). ‍

World War Z centers on everyman Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), who has to fight zombies as they spread with the rapidity of a virus. While Pitt brings his signature charisma to the role, viewers are left struggling to empathize with him for lack characterization, despite the historical richness of the tapestry he occupies. Perhaps if the film delved into his heroism against the Xenomorphs and Youth in World Wars X and Y, respectively, Pitt would not feel so lost as he is tossed around the globe fighting wave after wave of undead infected zombie whatever-they’re-calleds.


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