Stalker ★★★★★

"Once, the future was only a continuation of the present. All its changes loomed somewhere beyond the horizon. But now the future's a part of the present."

Ever since I heard about Stalker's universal praise and Andrei Tarkovsky's influence on cinema, this was an intimidating movie for me to approach. The long runtime, the high chance that I wouldn't understand it (and I haven't), and the fact that this will be my first Tarkovsky film, in general, made me a little afraid to watch it. Now that we got that little story out of the way, let me tell you my thoughts on this film.

Stalker is an essential film to cinema. The serene but tense atmosphere of The Zone perfectly contrasted the industrial and brutal nature of the real world. Every main character has a purpose, something to contribute to the story, and each actor fits their role perfectly. The great cinematography made the film look otherworldly, but the environment was still familiar. The Zone itself was a great entity for the characters to traverse and explore. It's patient with the viewer, yet I never felt the runtime at all.

I didn't get a good portion of the symbolism or metaphors, which is expected with a film of this caliber, but I understood the film I was watching was a masterfully done piece of art. Everything had its place and I would spend hours trying to decode what everything meant. However, I am more than content with just watching this masterpiece and learning more about it with each watch.

Stalker deserves all the praise it gets and it deserves your attention. It deserves to be heard and loved for a hundred years. Otherwise, what was the point of making it?

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