Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

I feel like Knives Out will be a serious crowd pleaser that most audiences are going to really love. That is thanks to some fantastic all out performances, and amazing technical aspects. Everything about this movie relates to its overall style and it works really well towards it.

Knives Out is first and foremost a ton of fun. Which will really help win over more casual audiences. While it is a bit of an art film trying for awards, it never really takes away from the overall fun that the movie offers.

Knives Out works extremely well, and it will likely remain as one of the most fun times I had in a theater all year. It works really well as a mystery, and I had a total blast with the movie as a whole. I recommend this highly.

Score Breakdown:

Fun-O-Meter: 10

Technical Meter: 9

Combined Score: 9

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