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  • A Haunting at Silver Falls: The Return

    A Haunting at Silver Falls: The Return

    Day 15 of 31 Days of Halloween

    I don’t really like slamming movies too bad, especially things like this that are clearly made by people out there likely fulfilling their dreams making a movie and having this come out for the world to see. I dig that, but I just don’t have anything to say positive about the movie if I am being honest. I hope this was a great time making the movie and I hope these people have…

  • Treehouse



    Day 14 of 31 Days of Halloween

    The Treehouse is a movie with a lot of ideas that are really interesting, some of which don’t work but for the most part everything worked pretty well. I don’t really want to talk much about the plot on this one, because honestly it would spoil the ride. I certainly didn’t get what I expected out of it at all, but that was part of the fun of the experience.

    The movie has…

  • They Come Knocking

    They Come Knocking


    Day 13 of 31 Days of Halloween

    I am beginning to realize a theme with a lot of these Into the Dark movies that I probably should have realized some time ago. They are mostly drama films with horror elements put into it. That isn’t a knock against them or anything, but for the most part these are trying to say something and that comes first and foremost. This one is talking about the grieving process, and I honestly found…

  • Tigers Are Not Afraid

    Tigers Are Not Afraid


    Day 12 of 31 Days of Halloween

    Tigers are Not Afraid, and neither is this incredible film or its phenomenally talented director, cast, and crew. This movie is unflinching in its portrayal of many different themes, topics, and scenes. Shudder has given this movie an incredible platform, and I hope as many people as possible can see this truly phenomenal movie play out. It's hard to watch at times, but its story is absolutely incredible, and I commend the incredible…

  • Party Hard, Die Young

    Party Hard, Die Young


    Day 11 of 31 Days of Halloween

    I Know What You Did Last Summer made today. I am sure there is an audience for this, but subjectively there are a lot of things that I just didn’t like here. The story didn’t do much for me. It tried to spice up different aspects of the story that has been done many times before and its admirable, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that this thing is a 90s movie in…

  • Joker



    I realized that I forgot to rate this one. Be sure to check out Reasonably Reel to hear our full thoughts on this movie as well as some discussion about the controversy of the film, of which I will mostly stay away from during this review. All I will say on the topic here is that the film is a very well made movie on a technical level, and I feel many people's problems with the movie are mostly subjective…

  • Pure



    Day 10 of 31 Days of Halloween

    This is the opposite of Uncanny Annie. This one has a lot to say, and for people that are involved in organized religion this can be a seriously uncomfortable watch. The movie tackles some themes about some church’s unfair treatment of women with organized religion (particularly Christianity), when often men get away with things that women never would. It handles a lot of those topics, so if that makes you uncomfortable then it…

  • Uncanny Annie

    Uncanny Annie


    Day 9 of 31 Days of Halloween

    Uncanny Annie reminds me a lot of some of the IFC Midnight movies coming out around this time, and that isn’t really a bad thing. There are a lot of really cool things about Uncanny Annie, and it is totally worth watching. Some episodes of Into the Dark are really trying to say a lot, but this one is here to show everyone a good time for Halloween.

    I really like these game…

  • The Furies

    The Furies


    Day 8 of 31 Days of Halloween

    The Furies is a solid slasher/battle royale effort that does a lot of things correctly. It has an interesting concept that does more than you might think it will given the concept. It keeps in mind how many different battle royale movies have come out, and understands that it needs to keep the ideas fresh and it does a pretty good job of doing that.

    The movie is filled with some really solid…

  • Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire

    Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire


    Day 7 of 31 Days of Halloween

    Hell House 3 is a good wrap up to the franchise that I am thankful was able to continue
    partly thanks to the incredible service Shudder. This third entry is to me the weakest in the series, but that is coming off of one of the greatest found footage movies of all time, as well as a surprisingly solid sequel so it's pretty tough to match up. This one doesn’t add to the…

  • Itsy Bitsy

    Itsy Bitsy


    Day 6 of 31 Days of Halloween

    Itsy Bitsy is a movie I have been looking forward to as of course I would. It’s a creature/spidersploitation film, so of course I am going to be looking out for this one. My expectations were met, exceeded, and came away differently in many aspects. The movie isn’t really at all what you are likely to think it is. It’s mostly a “The Babadook” style drama/horror heavy on the drama. It's just this…

  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    Day 5 of 31 Days of Halloween

    One Cut of the Dead is an incredible film, one of which I can’t reveal too much about without spoiling some of the fun for yourselves. What I can say is that One Cut of the Dead constantly puts fun and originality on screen so often, that it shows you that there are still plenty of fresh new ideas out there.

    One Cut of the Dead works really well, and as far as…