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  • The Wedding Singer

    The Wedding Singer


    As someone who loves CMBYN, it says A LOT that this is my favorite movie with "Love My Way" by The Psychedelic Furs!

    This is also my favorite "traditional" Adam Sandler flick. Not only because it pushes the boundaries of his typical fare, but because it knows where its heart is: in the right place.

    Sandler made an 80s throwback movie before it was cool. Everything about it is just so iconic: from Robbie Hart writing every Blink-182 song, to…

  • The Mind of Jake Paul

    The Mind of Jake Paul


    What a brilliant anomaly of the internet.

    Shane Dawson (of all people) has crafted something of an opus. One that walks a fine line between really bad youtube content and poignant indie documentary filmmaking. The result is compulsively entertaining, funny, surprising, and extremely well made; purely from a cinematic standpoint.

    The subject is great. It's like Ingrid Goes West meets Tickled, an in-depth and complex character study of reality TV, youtube culture, personality disorders, dysfunctional families, the corruption of competitive…

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  • Glass



    I liked it but it's totally a mess. Still can't nail it down but here's some loose thoughts.

    What I liked:
    -McAvoy is phenomenal
    -This is a REALLY GOOD sequel to SPLIT
    -When the Unbreakable characters are interacting with Kevin (McAvoy) it's fun and sometimes touching.
    -Strong opening half
    -Inspiring moments inspire

    What I didn't like:
    -The second half is a cluster
    -I understand how important she is to the franchise, but Glass' mother has no place in this story…

  • The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Showman



    A true work of magic. By far the best family film of the year and an absolute delight, in the purest form.

    It's a 2 hour movie, and I'd be willing to watch it a million more times.

    Reminded me that I'm a kid. That I'm young at heart and always will be. Movie magic.

    P.S. For anyone who has a heart, see it twice. I fell in love with movies again.