Zebra Girl

Zebra Girl ★★★

I don’t know if the title/the idea of Zebra girl 🦓👯‍♀️really makes sense. Maybe I was too high or the first 5 minutes we missed getting into the cinema screen was really important.

That being said the film isn’t bad at all. It straddles a line between more experimental storytelling and a classic cinema comfortably - I had a good time. I’ll recommend to anyone who likes a bit of true crime or that one show deadly women.

The story is interesting, there wasn’t any oh holy shit wow what a surprise moments, but lots of little twists that make you go ohhhhhhh I see or yikes ewww gross 🤢👀

The dialogue and performance feels awkward in places. It got a couple laughs out of me and it did  feel true to the tone of the film, but it does leave it feeling a bit lacking in terms of characters we can actually like? The experience of uncovering Katherines story - if she’s the real victim or pure evil - is a good hook to pull us through the narrative. That said because of this grey area is she ok is she fucked thing we’re flip flopping in between she never really gets a chance to be cool. I did feel sorry for her situation, especially at the end, so it didn’t altogether fail but I don’t think she’s a character that will be reference on gay/film Twitter. She’s literally a femme fatale so that’s  a pretty big miss if you ask me.

This isn’t just true for Katherine, it’s hard to really fall in love with any of the cast, which is a shame especially when Anita is a blank canvas for something wild. 

On the other hand the cinematography was great. The shots, their composition and colours are varied, look great and full of symbolism. Fun!

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