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  • Heathers



    Very nearly perfect, but ultimately asks us to sympathise a touch too much with Veronica when she finds her moral compass too late for some.

  • The Shadow

    The Shadow


    This is such a clear knock-off of Tim Burton's Batman. Turn-about is fair play, perhaps. But it never quite lands. There are moments when it might be Sam Raimi's Batman - but only moments. The theme song really commits: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXpWfd1BNkQ

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  • Ikarie XB 1

    Ikarie XB 1


    You'd think it was a riposte to 2001, if it didn't predate it. "We discovered the twentieth century." Our future is already the past for the crew of the Ikarie. They ridicule an autonomous robot as quaint.

    But it is such a riposte, I think. By the time Clarke & Kubrick got Wellsian-Stapledonian sf onto screen, Lem had already written a humane, ironic response - several - and here one is. It can't match 2001 technically, of course. But we get early electronic music and Honegger instead of the Blue Danube. More sceptical about human progress than the more famous film, the conclusion emerges as more optimistic.

  • We Are the Best!

    We Are the Best!


    I suppose this doesn't really do anything terribly original, but it's so infectiously joyful that if I give it fewer than 4.5 stars I will feel mean-spirited.