Her ★★★★

I found this hard to get through, partially because it reflects loneliness in a particularly brutal way that was almost intolerable to sit with. I also came in with an expectation that this was going to say something profound about AI, like Ex Machina, but the AI concept really just exists in this movie as a vehicle to explore loneliness with an artificial substitute for a human connection. In fact, most of the futuristic elements in Her are improbable. I realized, as it went along, that Spike Jonze is not going for version of the future that feels like a natural or plausible progression from where we are today. His future is hyper-stylized and concocted for the purposes of this specific story.

For roughly the first half of the movie, it really bothered me how it seemed like a male fantasy of a sexy AI lady that falls in love with them. Eventually it became clear that it was using the relationship to talk about a larger idea, but I think the gender dynamic got in the way of me fully appreciating what this movie is trying to say.