2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

52 Week Challenge - Week 34 - A Film Set Anywhere but Earth.

What the fuck?!..


Oh look.. *shock* another mega hyped classic that I didn't love. This is becoming that much of a pattern for me that I would have been more shocked if I'd loved it.

πŸ’•The Good:

Yes, it is astounding that this was made in 1968. Its amazing effects still hold up today. In fact it surpasses most of today's dodgy CGI. Some shots are also very gorgeous. I do love me some space.

Everything with HAL I really enjoyed. Which is why it gets a 7.


He is so brilliantly sinister and he still had an unnerving effect on me even though I pretty much already knew everything that happened. Except the Daisy bit. Geezo that was creepy and a bit sad. Me being me, I felt a bit sorry for the evil computer.

πŸ’©The Bad:

It had no right being that long!
Several minutes of just blackness.
Scenes that go on waaay to long. Especially the beginning and end sections of the film.

I sometimes really hate how Kubrick used sound. (I have the same problem with The Shining). Yeah it is effective at putting the viewer on edge but it is really bloody annoying! The loud hissing noise was the worst! (My cats were really freaked by it) and the breathing was annoying. The music even though it was good for the most part, became repetitive.

Disliked the nonsensical last act. Was very similar to the end of Interstellar which also spoiled that film for me.

😍Eye Candy: Keir Dullea

So overall, my opinion is - it is overrated. Each to their own. Im glad you find enjoyment in it but for me that enjoyment was limited to the space station part of the film. If I watch it again I'll be skipping straight to HAL vs David and then I'll be switching it off.

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