That Darn Cat!

That Darn Cat! ★★★★


Losing half a star on rewatch. I haven't seen this in a long, long time and it was a favourite of mine as a child so I was a bit nervous about how it was going to hold up. Pleased to report it was still pretty great. Not as hysterically funny as I remembered but a lot of the humour still hit it's mark for me.

I love the cast! Hayley Mills (Patti) is great and super cute. She has great chemistry with her on screen sister Dorothy Provine (Ingrid). Dean Jones is brilliant as the allergic to cats Agent Kelso and still hella handsome. Roddy McDowall and Tom Lowell are funny as the snooty Gregory and the awfully named Canoe. I also need to mention Frank Gorshin and Neville Brand as the quite sinister for Disney criminals Iggy and Dan oh and Elsa Lanchester (Mrs MacDougall) and William Demerast are really funny as the nosiest neighbour and her poor but clever husband.

The standout is obviously the gorgeous Siamese kitty who plays D.C. (Darn Cat). Best actor of the lot ❤ such a clever and funny wee guy.

So what brought my rating down then?
It's a lot longer than it really needs to be and some running jokes begin to outstay their welcome. Also the background theme tune became really annoying after a while. Great opening song by Bobby Darin though.

So, it's still a really great Disney live action classic and I'm glad that I chose to revisit it on my birthday. ☺

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