The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★★★½

52 Week Challenge - Week 44 - A Silent Horror Film.


Well this was amazing! I'm maybe a bit biased because I'm a huge fan of the musical versions of this story.

💕The Good: I thought the acting was great, sure there were moments of the usual silent era melodramatic acting but for the most part it was pretty reigned in which I appreciated.

Lon Chaney was something else! That face reveal was such an incredible shot and his makeup is actually terrifying 😱

The technicolour sequence looked great and so did the set pieces and costumes.

Some really brutal moments that I wasn't expecting. That ending! Bloody hell!

The music was pretty good too but my copy didn't have the original music track I read afterwards.

💩The Bad: Not a lot really. I'd like to see it with its original music to see if it gives the film more of a creepy atmosphere because the potential is definitely there.

The phantoms mask looks a bit shit compared to the half mask I know and love but his skull one and his face underneath completely makes up for it.

😍Eye Candy: Mary Philbin (Christine), Norman Kerry (Raoul) and Arthur Edmund Carewe (Ledoux).

So overall, the best silent film I have watched so far. I loved it.

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