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  • Daughters of Darkness
  • Singapore Sling
  • Baise-moi
  • The 4th Man

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  • Saw X


  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

  • Knife+Heart


  • The Elegant Spanking


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  • Saw X

    Saw X


    I take it back, Amanda wearing a collar makes THIS the DD/lg Saw. Best in the franchise, hands down.

  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    There’s barely any torture! This is not what I come to a Saw movie for!

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  • The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Moral: Women’s lives are better without men, but if you’re going to fuck one, it should be a fat, pussy eating goth king.

  • X



    I finally received true nourishment from a new film. RUN, don’t walk, to experience this horny hag porno horror. There should have been more sex, and definitely bush (how was there no bush?!), but besides this glaring omission, I fucking love this movie. Ti West gives good homage, as per usual. Mia Goth is a star. A fuck crone masterpiece.