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This review may contain spoilers.

Cult + Time = Religion

The Witch is fucking brilliant. The best horror film I've seen since Under The Shadow! The pacing, the score, the feeling of isolation, the symbolism, the cinematography, the lighting, the performances, everything felt so measured and deliberate yet so natural.

In my opinion a lot of religion is built on fear and paranoia, the latter being one of the main themes in this film. The power of religious paranoia/superstition drives this film and makes it relatable, regardless of the time/era.

Of course the naked witches killing babies in the wood element is evil but so is the religious/paranoid actions of the family.

At the end Thomasin found enlightenment through a cult. I don't see any difference in the witch cult or her family's cult.

I've always though this...

Cult + Time = Religion

So whatever, good for her lol

I watched this alone in the dark with headphones on and shit was freely running down my leg. That fucking goat is a boss and I'm all for fly witches! What a masterpiece! 9.5/10

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