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  • All About Nina

    All About Nina


    Day 9 | Film #19 @ C.I.F.F. 2018

    I quite enjoy this upsurge in (usually small, indie) films with headstrong, outspoken female leads, such as Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town, Lady Bird, Mr Roosevelt and now All About Nina. Although all of these films and their respective protagonists vary significantly of course, they are similar in that the characters all seem to act larger than life because of some kind of unresolved fundamental conflict.

    In this film, the issue…

  • Climax



    Day 1 | Film #2 @ C.I.F.F. 2018

    "Based on true events in France, 1966."
    "˙ǝɔuǝıɹǝdxǝ ʎɹɐuıpɹoɐɹʇxǝ uɐ sı ɥʇɐǝp"

    Climax has the makings of an important chapter in the career of controversial French filmmaker, Gaspar Noé. Although the film does not exactly see the writer/director reinventing the wheel per se, there is a discernibly refreshing approach of his usual tendencies. But more prominently, it also sees Noé at his most coy. Consider the above quotes for example: it turns…

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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Systemically, there are two precursory tenets that importantly inform anyone's (and everyone's) opinion going into Avengers: Infinity War, which is: the degree of their fanhood or investment and the level of contextual awareness for Avengers # Four. Personally, I am not an MCU fan and have skipped the recent releases in theaters. However, I was fully on board with buying into giving this one a shot and was properly prepared – meaning that I was wholly conscious of the fact…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    The complaints against this film are just as telling and predictable as the film itself. 'Professional critics' and 'cinephiles' alike are quick to point out the fact that this film is the culmination of "10 years of 18 movies" – as if to say "Look how long we've let this shit go on!" – yet they still have not learned a damn thing. Worst of all, I actually care about some of these people's opinions, so that when many of…