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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    i really have been sleeping on anya taylor-joy huh

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    as of 2019 both christian bale and timothee chalamet will have played laurie and i will have fallen in love and died both times

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  • The King

    The King


    i am absolutely giving this a 5 star rating because I MET HIM. I FUCKING MET TIMMY. I touched his shoulder and his shirt, and I’m killing myself for not being able to get a hug/autograph/picture, but nonetheless today was the best day of my entire life and i’m never getting over the fact that i was once at breathing distance from him (also as soon as he drove away my friends and i walked into the nearest whole foods and i had a full on panic attack so today was that kind of emotional rollercoaster)

  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    “Once upon a time, somewhere miles and miles beneath the surface of the ocean, there lived a young octopus named Nina. Nina spent most of her time alone making strange creations out of rocks and shells. And she was very happy. But then on Monday the shark showed up. “What’s your name?” said the shark. “Nina,” she replied. “Do you want to be my friend?” he asked. “OK. What do I have to do?” said Nina. “Not much,” said the…