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  • Oz the Great and Powerful

    Oz the Great and Powerful


    Gorgeous CGI and a few interesting moments can't save this flat film. Raimi's tired toolbox of tricks sucks the life out of the premise. Franco is all over the place, much like the tone. It is a dull and uninspired film.

  • Frozen



    This latest Disney offering is reminiscent of the quality of the films from their lates 80s/90s renaissance.
    It is smartly written with a decent emotional angle. The snow theme allows the film to pull off some breathtakingly beautiful visuals.
    A true fairytale vibe runs throughout and the spots of humour work well for the most part. There are some great songs, with the signature track (Let It Go) being the highlight.
    However it does seem to bombard the viewer with…

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  • Sunshine



    Possibly one of the defining science fiction films of the 21st century. Danny Boyle delivers a realistic feeling film, with great set designs, a succinct premise and a perfect cast.

  • X2



    Bryan Singer's sequel is everything you want from a follow up. Its bigger, bolder and more exciting.
    Singer takes time to explore his characters and deepen the world he is creating. Visually the film continues to stay within the realms of plausibility and offers a more muted colour palette. Singer composes a nice shot, but it is the action scenes that he has improved upon since the last film. Nightcrawler's introduction is easily the highlight, but the siege at the…