Alien ★★★★★

A cinematic milestone and a true benchmark of the science fiction genre. Ridley Scott takes full advantage of the skills of his production team to deliver a film that amalgamates the realistic "used car" aesthetic of humanity's future technology with the alien iconography of the derelict spacecraft, which results in a truly original looking film.The claustrophobic Nostromo setting is used to great effect as the the film turns into an exercise of tension once the unwanted guest is on-board. Scott builds in thematic strands that only add to the horrific concept behind the Xenomorph. But the fear is captured by an astounding cast who bring a sense of realism to the proceedings through their nuanced performances. They're helped along by a succinct script that doesn't waste a moment in delivering its thrilling narrative. This is a haunting (thanks in part to Jerry Goldsmiths wonderful score), visceral and unique film which is a triumph in visual storytelling.