Favorite films

  • Bottle Rocket
  • Star Wars
  • Slap Shot
  • Sound of My Voice

Recent activity

  • Emily the Criminal


  • Landline


  • Tremors


  • Memories of Murder


Recent reviews

  • Landline



    I liked this, although it made me sad.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Finally got around to watching this.

    1. Way darker than I expected.
    2. Sorta tired of Batman. Too much Batman and Batman related movies. Let's give it a rest.
    3. At the beginning of the movie, the opening monologue just keeps pushing this idea that all the criminals in Gotham are filled with FEAR whenever they see the Batsignal in the sky! But when the gang that is about to beat up the asian dude sees Batman walking toward them…

Popular reviews

  • The 5th Wave

    The 5th Wave

    i have no clue why i watched this.

  • 3022



    I just wanted to watch something.