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  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    This review is going to be a personal and schmaltzy mess. You have been warned.

    This was not the plan.

    Today I was going to finish the script for my new short film. But I just couldn't. The main reason was certainly writer's block which is something I'm used to by now, however the pressure of making it out of the hellscape that is high school into university and then a career just scares me.

    I know for a fact…

  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    I fear for spoiling as there are plenty of you that have this on your watchlist, so I'll keep the plot discussions to a minimum.

    I've come to a sudden realisation that the very best films, or at least the very best experiences for myself, are film that strike a perfect balance between making the audience think and making them feel.

    Satoshi Kon's multi-layered masterpiece Millennium Actress is a perfect example of just that. The story follows Genya Tachibana, a…

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  • The Kissing Booth

    The Kissing Booth


    A really bad film that wasn't as bad only because I watched this with my very enthusiastic sister who deems this her second favourite movie of ALL TIME. She made me answer a questionnaire about my experience with it at the end.


    - Molly Ringwald deserved so much more, at least an appearance in the scene where they played 'Don't You (Forget About Me)'. But no, let's not even do that.
    - For a film about someone really wanting…

  • The Imposter

    The Imposter


    The cinematographer for this documentary did both Paddington films.

    I have so many questions.

    One of the most fascinating things I have ever experienced in any medium, The Imposter tells one of the most bizarre and mysterious stories in human history. But that's not enough. What makes Bart Layton's documentary so riveting and multi-layered is the way in which he structures the narrative and explores the people in the event. I haven't seen many documentaries so I wouldn't know how…

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  • Love, Simon

    Love, Simon


    "Sometimes I think I'm destined to care so much about one person it nearly kills me."

    A quick and albeit unnecessary caveat; I'm gay. I came out to my close friends in 2015 and my family a year later. Both were in less than ideal conditions (which allowed this quote to truly hit hard). I've become much more accepting of myself since then, but I still have some changes to make. (including but not limited to my terrible wardrobe)


  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    (this is a)
    Star Wars

    Holds up. That shitty acronym won't.