Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

there’s a good movie in here somewhere but its unbelievability is really its downfall. i think it starts to get into how revenge as a response to genuinely traumatic and unfair events is not healthy but then... actually getting revenge is productive and good and can cause people to reflect on their actions? which, maybe sometimes, but in the vast majority of situations you have to accept that the people who do wrong by you aren’t going to apologize.  it doesnt mean you shouldnt seek justice but it seems like this movie cant decide if it wants to fantasize about doing harm to those who wronged you or if it wants to genuinely ask whether revenge is productive. i just feel that you could have really done something here but instead it just ends being another rape revenge fantasy, albeit with more of a focus on actions and consequences than pain and suffering,

bo burnham is GREAT and the best part of the whole movie and the beginning part where he’s nice is just like. wow yes fall in love with me <33 but then he suddenly becomes kinda evil ?? which like dont get wrong yes there are people who appear to be nice until they have to face consequences but it rly feels like his character just did a complete 180. which is disappointing because if you want to show your audience that betrayal then you have to make it believable!! which this just isnt so it just feels like he ends up being another one of the movie’s sexist caricatures as opposed to someone who actually has to reckon with the consequences of his actions. 

also- what a waste of laverne cox!! she’s such a great actress and they really just had to shoehorn her into the nice black friend role where she gets pretty much no characterization. i feel like if you got more into her and cassie’s relationship there really could be something to be said about how have different experiences or perspectives on rape and rape culture, PARTICULARLY with the idea that the police are going to come to your rescue. but they didn’t so now she just gets to be like “OOH get it girl” and thats it

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