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  • The Brave Little Toaster

    The Brave Little Toaster

    Van Dyke Parks is most known to me as one of the songwriters on Smile, so I more or less knew the music in this would have certain qualities--focus on mundane details, theatrical flourishes, pop sensibilities, a bleak sense of humor mixed with a strange kind of innocence--but what I did not expect was a song in which broken down cars sang about what they did in "life" as they are crushed to death. The music is a match note…

  • Up


    After college, most of my friends moved away. I found myself somewhat adrift and unsure of how to connect with others. Around that time, I had a chat online with an old friend that re-opened my struggle with my gender (I had managed to repress things pretty significantly for a few years there), and I felt completely isolated. Even after I started finding new friends and new experiences, I still found myself pulling back, closing off, unable to push myself…

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  • The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl

    To my cisgender friends, I ask that, even if you would not normally do so, you please read this. This film was made for cisgender people, so I feel it important that I write this for cisgender people. I would not normally watch this movie, but it has been a subject of some discussion on this site in a way that has compelled me to watch it in order to discuss it credibly. I do not imagine what I have…

  • La La Land

    La La Land

    "you cannot be proud of being white & not be a racist. it's a tautology. you can be proud of your irish heritage. you can be proud of your german heritage. you can be proud of your lutheran heritage or your appalachian roots or your large italian family's sunday gravy tradition. you cannot be proud of your *white* heritage b/c there is no such thing. whiteness only exists as a power relationship. a system of domination is not a culture to…