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  • Seams


    Through interviews and definitions, through images of dancers and seamstresses, through indirect and direct commentary, the film weaves a picture of patriarchy's impact not just on cis women, but on all women and on queer people in general, and the relationship between them. The perception of gender roles (and the way these things are spoken of) has implications that spill out into labor, sexuality, and more, and the objective truth of them (and the way these things are not spoken of) creates limitations. The film's engagement with personal histories and the intricacies of language reveal the isolating power of both the implications and the limitations.

  • Desire Inc.

    Desire Inc.

    Meditation on the selling of desire, or, more specifically, the selling of the idea of desire, masking the selling of fear. A direct film, video-blurred, an essay spoken, edited neatly with testimonials from the subjects of the experiment, it revels in simple tricks that seem almost tacky now (and probably then, too?), but it's all part of a presentation that emphasizes the distortions of reality brought by crafting images on film/video, the commercialization of human contact, and sexuality. Flawed, sometimes…

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  • The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl

    To my cisgender friends, I ask that, even if you would not normally do so, you please read this. This film was made for cisgender people, so I feel it important that I write this for cisgender people. I would not normally watch this movie, but it has been a subject of some discussion on this site in a way that has compelled me to watch it in order to discuss it credibly. I do not imagine what I have…

  • La La Land

    La La Land

    CW: white supremacy/racism/whiteness, gender

    "you cannot be proud of being white & not be a racist. it's a tautology. you can be proud of your irish heritage. you can be proud of your german heritage. you can be proud of your lutheran heritage or your appalachian roots or your large italian family's sunday gravy tradition. you cannot be proud of your *white* heritage b/c there is no such thing. whiteness only exists as a power relationship. a system of domination is…