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  • Blink


    A fucking gross, violent, arrogant frat boy detective fails to catch a serial killer while the blind/once-blind woman who is the target of the killer inexplicably falls in love with him after he repeatedly treats her like shit, but the music is actually kinda great.

    Kathleen's VHS Collection 2017: 30/100

  • Grey Gardens

    Grey Gardens

    Decaying luxury sprawls in internal(ized) squalor. Both Edies are trapped, bitter, nostalgic, regretful, in love with a time and place, in love with dreams deferred or lost or warped by years of neglect and repression. There is love between them, but it is the choked, stripped love of two people chafing at the other's presence. It is difficult not to have sympathy for them, even though it's equally hard not to think of how they came into their money and…

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  • The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl

    To my cisgender friends, I ask that, even if you would not normally do so, you please read this. This film was made for cisgender people, so I feel it important that I write this for cisgender people. I would not normally watch this movie, but it has been a subject of some discussion on this site in a way that has compelled me to watch it in order to discuss it credibly. I do not imagine what I have…

  • La La Land

    La La Land

    CW: white supremacy/racism/whiteness, gender

    "you cannot be proud of being white & not be a racist. it's a tautology. you can be proud of your irish heritage. you can be proud of your german heritage. you can be proud of your lutheran heritage or your appalachian roots or your large italian family's sunday gravy tradition. you cannot be proud of your *white* heritage b/c there is no such thing. whiteness only exists as a power relationship. a system of domination is…