Twin Peaks ★★★★½

CW: abuse

Rewatched the pilot in honor of the official date being announced for the new season. This sets up setting, characters, themes, plot, and distinctive narrative style with unnerving atmosphere and compelling mystery (and spikes of magnificent humor) like a perfect television pilot should, but somehow also manages to be so dense and full of meaning that isn't apparent without rewatching. This is my umpteenth time seeing it, and so much more is evident this time, as has been the case each previous time. My mind has been a lot on abuse these days, and the hindsight of knowing Laura Palmer's full story places a deeper pall over what happens in this episode now. It makes the atmosphere feel even more ominous than before, layered into the mystery and unsolvable dread that is Twin Peaks. It's trauma, echoing through the whole setting, making some moments ("The Norwegians are leaving!") less funny and much sadder, and some moments (that shot with Dr. Jacoby and Sarah near the end) sickening, understanding why both should be so troubled in that moment, for widely different reasons, and the implications that had for Laura.

I don't know if I'm gonna keep watching this series right now, just because I hadn't planned on it and it's a time sink, but I do hope to before the new episodes come along. If I do, I will probably take a cue from Graham and start leaving thoughts in the comments as a I go along.

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