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  • River of Grass

    River of Grass


    After re-watching Kelly Reichardt’s penetrating film Certain Women last night, I managed to track down her debut film River of Grass for a follow up view tonight.

    I am given pause to consider whether I have ever seen a movie depicting two individuals so hopelessly trapped in s state of aimless despair as Cozy and Lee. Cozy a young single mother so unattached to her two preschool children that she keeps imagining when a stranger might show up some day…

  • Certain Women

    Certain Women


    Kelly Reichardt is a genius at giving depth to her characters with a minimalist script. I knew there was something special about this film when I saw it the first time and I jumped at the chance for a rewatch.

    Lily Gladstone steals my heart for the second time. A true angel in disguise. The question I am left with following this viewing: Will I be attentive to the still, small inner voice that prompts me to offer myself for human connection to the next lonely, suffering soul that is brought across my path?

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  • Zero Dark Thirty

    Zero Dark Thirty


    I had a dream last night about this movie. I was ushered into a room with Osama bin Laden. I did not feel hatred for him . . . more a sense of wonder. This only served to reinforce how highly conflicted I am about the ongoing war against terrorism - a deep ambivalence which I could not separate from my interaction with this movie.

    Was the assassination of bin Laden an act of US heroism, a final victory over…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    I went into my first viewing of this movie knowing nothing of what to expect, only that the film had gained some notoriety. Now I can see why. 

    The pace and tone of this movie was deliberately slowed down from the outset, which set the tone for the dreamy, mysterious, atmospheric picture that followed. The slow burning relationship that developed between Betty and Rita was a pleasure to watch as they drew energy and tenderness from each other. 

    I think…