North by Northwest ★★★½

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The suave and smooth Carey Grant is a pleasure to watch and manages to carry this film despite its faltering momentum and increasing number of laughable dramatic moments as the story unfolded.  And was it just me, or was there a certain chemistry lacking between Grant and his female lead? 

A renowned suspense classic which in my view reveals its age, lacked any real suspense, and does not seem fully deserving of its notoriety.

But then again, there was Cary Grant! His various contorted facial expressions during his drunken car choice was worth the price of admission. He is also to be credited for giving deference to a film superior to his own when in one scene he whistled a few lines of “Singin’ in the Rain”. Now there is a film worthy of its notoriety that I coincidentally had the pleasure of watching for the first time this past week.

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