Western ★★★★

A German work crew is employed in a construction project near a Bulgarian village, setting up some cross cultural tensions amidst a language barrier. 

This film focuses on the lonely experience of a disenfranchised German war veteran who falls in love with a horse - an animal that helps him bridge the cross cultural divide and establish meaningful ties with several Bulgarian villagers. 

It started out very slow and I found it difficult to warm up to this isolated protagonist of very few words. But the bond he was able to establish with the horse and the male friendship forged with one of the Bulgarians softened him up and exposed his tender vulnerability in a way that endeared him to me and helped me identify with his yearning for belonging and acceptance. 

I found his relationship with the horse to be deeply meaningful and emotional. What is it about animals that can reach down and touch the heart of a man?  I ask myself this question about my dog nearly every day!

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