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  • Gerald's Game

    Gerald's Game


    Well, I liked this one more than IT, at least.

  • Blue Velvet Revisited

    Blue Velvet Revisited


    If you want a traditional making of then watch Mysteries of Love. This takes a completely different path. And even if parts of it feel aimless or even amateurish, I appreciated the interesting take on the subject matter that was at least somewhat cinematic and not just a glorified DVD extra (I'm looking at you 78/52).

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  • Seashore



    Five stars if you're into the sort of gay films about twinky boys who star out of windows/at the ocean/through walls a lot. Otherwise, it's a short dragged out to 85 minutes.

  • Ruben Guthrie

    Ruben Guthrie


    Appalling. Hard to imagine a more loathsome or repugnant film being released this year. Who is this even for in 2015? The target audience are surely the same sort of hard-boozing upper-class buffoonish douchebags who spend their weekends snorting coke or will have already seen the film for free at screenings that they somehow get invited to simply because they're rich and rich people get on lists like that. Takes every chance it can get to shove its lead odious…