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  • Krisha




    This is a hard film to watch. A (almost uncomfortably) realistic look at family and the breaking points of unconditional love. The whole film carries a general sense of unease, which is supported by the frenetic camera and editing work. And when we see genuine moments of family life, it's always through the lens of an outsider looking in, never quite feeling at home with what's presented.

  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    A haunting film that is able to draw just as much tension out of what the characters feel as from what they experience. I left this movie with so many questions, but not in a frustrating way.

    Also, this film is incredibly gorgeous. Every scene drips with dread and the unknown.

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  • To the Wonder

    To the Wonder


    When God seems quiet and our hearts are hard; when love is forced and we can only fake happiness with who we've chosen - how are we to respond? Do we look for new thrills? Do we accept our fate? Which of these is the worse response? 

    This film is not linear narratively - which mostly works but sometimes frustrates - but is always direct in message. The cinematography is incredible, using texture and light in a way I've rarely…

  • Silence



    One of the most difficult films I've ever seen - not just in what is actually portrayed on the screen, but also in what it leaves you to think about in the days (and I predict weeks) following the final shot.

    The whole film is a quiet, contemplative prayer on God's role in suffering that doesn't answer it's own questions and doubts. And therein lies the most difficult part of the movie - yet also the most rewarding. It forces…