• What's Love

    What's Love


    A slurry surrealism produced by a peculiar cinematic ineptitude permeates this oddity, which is ALMOST, but not quite, as staggering as "Please Don't Touch Me."

  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    What a great vibe this movie is, especially the final twenty minutes.

  • BlackBerry



    Solid picture. As these things go, better than “Jobs” by a grand measure, a few yards short of “The Social Network.”

  • Fatal Games

    Fatal Games


    Total trash and ideologically offensive to boot. DIverting!

  • Psycho



    As ever...

  • The Delinquents

    The Delinquents


    First: anyone who tells you this is a heist movie is trying to sell it. It's absolutely not a heist movie.

    Second: It's a three-hour movie that contains a bank robbery and mostly muses on the impossibility of true freedom in the modern world. It contains a lot of beautiful shots, many of which are mucked up (in my opinion) by lead actor Daniel Elias, who I kept thinking of as "Argentine Brett Gelman). I didn't mind the length but…

  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey


    Rene Cardona, Jr., having determined that sequences of birds attacking humans are difficult to convincingly shoot and, also, Hitchcock nothwithstanding, once shot, unpleasant and not-thrilling to watch, here often defaults to lots of filler footage. Much of it following Michelle Johnson and Christopher Atkins barely phoning in performances as a TV news reporter and her cameraman. Not to be puerile about it, but Johnson and Atkins were at this point in time best known for having done nude scenes while…

  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


    Leans a little harder on the "what-do-I-tell-my-parent" theme than a guy my age can relate to, but quite lively and eye-popping.

  • Nightmare



    Jesus, George.

  • Deep Crimson

    Deep Crimson


    Literally jaw-dropping, and absolutely one of the darkest films ever made. I was agape for the final forty minutes of the 131-minute restoration in Venice.

  • Vacation of Terror

    Vacation of Terror


    Enough broken crockery for an early Julian Schnabel exhibit.

  • Ravishing Dany

    Ravishing Dany


    Contrary to hype and/or conventional wisdom this is not an unusually gonzo or outré Euro sex comedy. It is pretty much exactly a conventional and conventionally vulgar Euro sex comedy.