Athlete Swinging a Pick

Athlete Swinging a Pick ★★★★★

Back when this came out I was only 4 years old. It was a hot summer day, and my dad wanted to take me and my brothers out to do something. The new theater opened up down the street and we decided to jump in our carriage, and drive on down. The line was huge, this was the biggest movie of the year. People were dressed up and makeup covered. I can’t believe I got a seat, I mean it would of been nice if my dad did. He had to give up his seat, so I could see this masterpiece, and damn it was. But was it worth it? Was it worth it, to come out with my 4 brothers and see my dad’s decomposing bullet filled corpse laying on the sidewalk, with our carriage fleeing the scene. Hell yeah it was, that was the best fucking moving picture I have ever seen, and I know my dad is looking down at me, smiling.