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  • Slice



    gotta admit, slice has a potpourri of incredibly promising elements, such as pizza, ghosts, witches, werewolves, chance the rapper, murder mystery, and of course, more pizza. it also spoils us with an amazingly attractive opening sequence thats a reminiscence of classic 80s comics. but unfortunately, the rest of the film didnt really live up to its premise.

    slice is a dark comedy that pays homage to retro horrors in the vein of stranger things to michael jackson's 'thriller'. it brought…

  • Mandy



    mandy opens with a poem that begs for a rock & roll music to be played at someone's grave. the short, mysterious poem immediately sets the tone for the entire film that is built like a lucid, ultraviolent nightmare.

    shot from the lens of italian-canadian director panos cosmatos, mandy takes your typical revenge story to a brand new height. imagine coralie fargeat's 'revenge' on extra dose of LSD - it transcends the status from cinematic to phantasmagoric paradise, where it blows…

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  • Revenge



    holy shit.

    holy fucking shit.

    if you can stomach gallons of blood, self-cauterization, to glass removal on a wrecked foot, then i highly recommend this badass film.

    revenge unapologetically stomped on my chest, ripped my insides out, and threw em on the gutter. its absolutely nasty, gruesome, intense, and trippy, but at the same time its undeniably stylish and masterful where every beat of it creates one hell of an experience (and by hell i literally mean it). coralie fargeat…

  • Suspiria



    in honor of suspiria remake's release i decided to do another rewatch of the original and it amazes me that even after 40 years later dario argento's neon nightmare is still as fascinating as ever.

    suspiria (1977) is a delirious, haunting, yet aesthetically pleasing journey. i'd say delirious because while the plot may come off as nonsensical, it still has a nice flow thats easy to follow. it doesnt force you to analyze every bit of it but it straps…