The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★½

All good things to those who wait...

I've been very excited for The Wolf of Wall Street since I saw signs of it filming just outside my apartment in November 2012. Thankfully, even though it's been a long time since then, I'm pleased that The Wolf of Wall Street is one of my favorite movies (if not my favorite) of 2013.

There are a lot of strengths for this film, but I'd like to focus on three in particular:

(1) Leonardo DiCaprio - Wow, does this man give one hell of a performance. Every time he is on screen my eyes were glued and ears were waiting to hear what he would say next. What a fantastic job he did and it will be a big shame if he is not nominated for the leading actor Oscar.

(2) Screenplay - Loaded with witty, funny, and engaging dialogue. I loved one scene early on between DiCaprio and McConaughey. Also, there was a monologue at one point featuring a motivational speech that had me psyched. Despite dealing with subjects that not everyone would necessarily understand (e.g. financial markets, insider trading) - the movie did a great job of getting to the point and making sure the audience understood the key message / theme.

(3) Pacing - For a three-hour movie, this NEVER got slow to me. I could sense its length for sure, but I was never not engrossed in the characters or story. I also loved how it changed direction from comedic to dramatic with comedy sprinkled in. There is one very well put together scene towards the end of the movie that you could sense the audience was on the edge of their seats during.

In total, The Wolf of Wall Street is a fantastically acted, well-directed, and smartly-written movie that I strongly recommend others to check out. I plan to re-watch this again in the future.

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