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  • The Ex-Mrs. Bradford

    The Ex-Mrs. Bradford


    Essentially a knock off of The Thin Man, except that it is about a divorced couple instead of a married one. Still, it is filled with great banter, and can be considered more of a mystery with elements of screwball comedy.

  • The Arrangement

    The Arrangement


    I feel so bad for Deborah Kerr in the movie! She tries so hard to work on her marriage and gets nothing but misery. This movie was all kinds of messed up, but yet it kept my attention because I just had to know what happened. Kirk Douglas sure can play a man with depression, but the morals of the characters left me wondering what the heck they were thinking.

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  • Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump


    While a great movie, I tend to think of it as a bit overrated. I hate repeating others, but I am in the same boat where I feel that Pulp Fiction is the superior movie, and should have won best picture. With that thought aside, Forrest Gump is still a movie of quality that I enjoyed. It has an inspirational message that anything is possible, and it had memorable moments and characters (looking at you Lt. Dan). Despite my hatred of Jenny, this is definitely a movie everyone should watch at least once.

  • Destry Rides Again

    Destry Rides Again


    This is an all time American classic. In a year where so many iconic films came to be, there are few I never heard of before. In fact, up until the Criterion Collection announced it on bluray, I never heard of this one at all. This is something that needs to be changed. More people need to know about this one! Not only is it a great Western, but it has great humor. The script and acting are also top…