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  • Possession



    Relentlessly over the top - in a good way. They don't make films like this anymore. Hell, they didn't make films like this back then, either. Impossible to look away.

  • The Mule

    The Mule


    Pretty much everything Clint Eastwood does is interesting and well-crafted in a basic, no nonsense way. The Mule is no exception.

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  • All Good

    All Good


    Victims of sexual assault, it seems, don’t always act like we expect or feel they should. A small film like this goes a long way, I think, in revealing just how complex the experience can be for the victim. In this case, alcohol is involved and the assault itself is almost casual, leading us to believe that maybe it really wasn’t all that big a deal for the woman. At least, that’s how she attempts to shrug it off. Like…

  • The Hummingbird Project

    The Hummingbird Project


    The Hummingbird Project is like The Big Short, only understandable.
    The concept (a 1000 mile 12” straight line tunnel through cities, mountains, rivers, etc.) is beyond mind-boggling but the film’s momentum steamrolls over every doubt that emerges. Jesse Eisenberg is the energy core of that raw nerve momentum and he aces the role, of course. Alexander Skarsgard (almost unrecognizable) is the technical brain of the operation and is as strong, in his own way, as Eisenberg’s hyperactive dynamo. And Salma Hayek appears to be having way too much fun as the bad guy. Really feel the need to breathe and stretch after a film like this.