Uncle's Paradise ★½

Japanuary 2019 #4: Pink Movie time again in my Japanuary. Unfortunately I didn't like this on much. The movie is full of metaphors, but I really don't get why all the sex is needed then. Also the story is drifting into a weird state during the runtime of the movie. When it starts with a men with the urge to have sex, when he gets tired, it ends with a brothel, where men get sucked until they die.


Japanuary 2019 #4: Erneut ist Pink Movie Zeit im Japanuary. Leider hat mir dieser Film nicht so gut gefallen. Der Film ist voller Metpahern, aber ich verstehe einfach nicht warum der ganze Sex dabei nötig ist. Auch driftet die Story während der Laufzeit immer mehr ins unangenehme schräge ab.