Love Streams ★★★★

Okay so i latched onto this film after Barry Jenkins described the Cassavetes Criterion Collection as a 'film school in a box' (or something of that ilk), and my sentimental brain led me first to 'Love Streams'.

Cassavetes plays a rambling womaniser/writer, basically an over-sized kid who seems to relinquish himself from any worldly responsibilities that don't include booze or women. Gene Rowlands plays his sister, a slightly-mad divorcee whose own daughter has just rejected her in favour of her mistachioed father. And plotwise... not much happens. Cassavetes' style is -in-a-word 'meandering', scenes that don't quite contribute to anything drag on for a while, but somehow, something pulls it all together.

The last half-hour is exquisite cinema, fully justifying its 2 and a half hour length.