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  • Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

    Incident On and Off a Mountain Road


    Amid the imminent lockdown, I might give the Masters of Horror series a rewatch starting with Coscarelli's Incident On and Off a Mountain Road. Found it genuinely entertaining in the way early to mid 2000's slashers were. (SPOILER!) Could of done without the big R moment. Understand it's driving home the point but felt unnecessary and probably would be avoided if it was made today.
    Entertaining, speeds along and Angus Scrimm looks like he's having a lot of fun.

  • Color Out of Space

    Color Out of Space


    A strong return for Richard Stanley. That he manages to make the idea of an unexplainable colour work is testament to the quality of writing and direction. Some great cosmic visuals and understated score. Here's to more Spectrevision/Cage collabs!

  • Tron



    Had been on my watchlist for years but watched after seeing RLM's re:View. It's hard not to spend the running time marvelling over the production process for the film, but behind that is a charming adventure film with some stunning Moebiusian (that a thing?) visuals.

  • Suspiria



    There's a good film in there but it's hidden amongst a self-indulgent 2hrs 32mins running time. Trim off 40 minutes, 30 if you're being generous, and stop explaining everything. There's having room to breath and then there's coming to a clattering stop as the film decides to take a fag break.

    The casting and performance of the Dr. Klemperer character is unconvincing and further adds to the film's pretension.

    It's a shame to see the film's strange imagery, intriguing camerawork and Stuart Gordon-esque body horror come a little undone by the film's self-importance. There's a lot to like, but also a lot of nothing.