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  • Why Horror?

    Why Horror?


    Just about the most self-serving documentary I've ever seen about any topic, "Why Horror?" makes you wonder "Why This Documentary?"

    An hour and thirty minutes of some guy named Tal Zimerman, whom I had never heard of before today, violently wanking himself off about how unique and edgy he is because he's a horror fan, about how much of an outcast and social pariah he is because he likes scary movies. It was a genuinely tiring experience.

    Unfortunately for Tal…

  • Splinter



    This one has been on my watchlist for a while now. Can't believe I've just gotten around to it! It's a fairly enjoyable and rather solid film with a simple premise executed decently well. Primarily set in a single location with a very small cast and with some decent practical effects considering the tiny budget, it feels like it was as good as it could reasonably be.

    I think it can be best described as "a late 2000's low budget…

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  • Hagazussa


    Hagazussa is compared quite frequently to 'The Witch', a film I enjoyed a great deal and found to be perfectly paced, and sure, stylistically they are very similar. But Hagazussa attempts to be dark, intriguing, atmospheric and shocking, although to me, it was an exercise of my patience. Painfully slow and uninteresting with very little to no substance behind it. Too artsy with no further depth.

    Overly long shots with the same atmospheric hurdy-gurdy droning music playing provides nothing, not…

  • Color Out of Space

    Color Out of Space


    A beautiful descent into a horrifyingly vibrant and colourful psychological otherworldly chaos, 'Color Out of Space' is a must-see film. Rather similar I feel to both "Annihilation", directed by Alex Garland, and Panos Cosmatos' "Mandy", Richard Stanley strikes an excellent balance between family dynamics/drama and total fucking cosmic carnage.

    It's visuals are massively impressive. This film is undoubtedly best experienced on the largest screen with the beefiest sound system possible. Not only is it's use of colour phenomenal, but it…