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  • Aenigma



    🌹February 2021 Daily Horror Hunt: Black Horror Month🥀

    [20] Watch a Lucio Fulci directed film made anytime AFTER 1985.

    I knew I was in for something when a Fulci film opens with a high school makeover montage set to a pop love song. And we get our fair share of Fulci crazy. Snail sexual assault. The National Museum of Gore. The least sexy sex scene ever. In outline your pretty standard "tortured teen gets supernatural revenge" story but Fulci does…

  • Revolt of the Zombies

    Revolt of the Zombies


    🌹February 2021 Daily Horror Hunt: Black Horror Month🥀

    [25] The 30's were a revolutionary time for on-screen terror. Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff - absolute legends. But instead of watching them strut their stuff for the thousandth time, let's check out something from the decade to NOT feature either star.

    Guys, guys, guys! The problem with using magic to enslave people into being an army of zombies is that it might be the end of the white race!

    Casually random white…