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  • The Chill Factor

    The Chill Factor


    Kinda felt like I was watching a Lifetime Originals made for TV horror movie.  The movie opens up with some goofy narration and it comes back every so often to remind you you’re watching subpar horror.  There’s also a lot of subpar snowmobiling in this.  It’s almost like these people wanted to make an action movie with snowmobiles but couldn’t come up with a story so they combined it with a half written horror script that left laying around.  Anyways,…

  • Beyond the Door

    Beyond the Door


    Beyond comprehension.  Film opens up with a ritual of some sort which leads to a guy driving his car over a cliff.  He makes a deal with the devil to spare his life from ending in a fiery car crash. Years later he’s doing the devil’s bidding in San Francisco which means he’s stalking a family because the mother is pregnant with the antichrist, supposedly.  Things are already off with this family. The children act bizarre and are even more…

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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    Some people are trying to make a zombie movie when they’re suddenly attacked by zombies. What follows is one long take of zombies attacking everyone at a forgotten water treatment facility.  Lots of awkward moments, dialogue and choices.  Afterwards, the movie takes a turn to before these events and is about the crew preparing to make this movie and why they are making it.  They’re a mishmash of movie stereotypes. From overly quirky personalities to has been stars.  Finally we’re…

  • Women in Love

    Women in Love


    1920’s British period piece about some upper class people who can’t decide if they love each other or not.  One is a coal tycoon, the other a perverted hippie years ahead of his time, some sculptress and a teacher or something.  Two of them naked wrestle in front of a fireplace but somehow just never connect.  Mostly due to how repressed society was at the time.  They argue about and question love constantly.  They all go on holiday to the…