Daughters of Eve

Daughters of Eve ★★★½

This movie opens with the slaughter of a water buffalo...just because.  Or maybe it’s supposed to be foreshadowing.  The village hunk takes his freshly slaughtered meat back to his hut where the whole village apparently lusts after this dude.  Including two sisters. One who’s insanely jealous and possessive of him and the other who’s extremely religious and is fighting her carnal desires.  A friend returns to the village after being gone a few years all westernized now and everyone starts questioning their sexuality.  The first half of this film is kind of a typical skin flick.  Plenty of nudity and some random fornicating.  The second half starts to get wild and almost turns into a weird horror film. Lots of drama, fighting, wtf moments and eventually a crazy murder.  There’s some scenes that can definitely shock and make some viewers really uncomfortable.  Pretty F-ed up ending. However, surprisingly picturesque with great cinematography as it takes place on a desert beach in the Philippines.  Considered experimental filmmaking for its time. Overall pretty good but it’s really the later parts in this movie that make it worthwhile.