Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

A rag tag crew stage a heist in Las Vegas that has been overrun with Zombies.

I'll state first that I am not a Zack Snyder fan, I liked Watchmen, Man of Steel and his Dawn of the Dead Remake but most of his work is just pointless style over substance and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In saying that, Army of the Dead may be my second favorite Snyder movie (after Watchmen), it is far too long and suffers from plot holes and mistakes but it is thoroughly entertaining. I really enjoyed the smarter zombies and the hierarchy they formed and zombie animals is always a good time. The cast was full of likable quirky characters and they did a good job of giving us people to root for or hate.

There is a lot of cool imagery and VFX shots of the Vegas landscape and the zombies look decent and slightly different from what we have seen before. I appreciate that he tried something new for the zombie genre and gave us a more action oriented blockbuster rather than a straight horror.

It was crazy knowing that the Tig Notaro was digitally edited in through the whole movie as it looked and felt natural 98% of the time.

Academy Award goes to the Zombie Robots that were never explained or mentioned but were unmistakably there.

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