Superhost ★★

A YouTube coule head to a remote Air B&B for their latest vlog to help their failing channel.

Superhost is being referenced as being a cross between The Rental and Creep, that is an apt description but unlike those two films this is lacking in atmosphere and character development.

I should have listened to my gut after the opening scene made me want to vomit, not because of any gore or squeamish moments but because I really fucking hate that YouTube bullshit, opening a movie with two people saying 'hit that like and subscribe button' and asking us to stick with these people and possibly root for them is a cruel form of torture, even at 83 minutes.

Things do improve in the third act when it starts to get stabby and they throw in an appearance from Barbara Crampton but I was already worn out by then.

Academy Award goes to the first stab wound, it's a bit cheeky...

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