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  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    "Sliding through life on charm," in words Wes Anderson musical collaborator (here as elsewhere) Jarvis Cocker once wrote for Marianne Faithfull. Anderson here highlights his gifts for pastiche, allusion, miniaturism, and the cartoonish more heavily and exclusively than when he's at his most emotionally affecting (THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, THE DARJEELING LIMITED, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL), but it's not a zero-sum deal; there's enough discernibly warm, lively affection driving THE FRENCH DISPATCH's cavalcade of tied-with-a-bow references and homages that it lands more on the side of the actually charming than the merely cute.

  • Annette



    I thought HOLY MOTORS was a masterpiece, and find Carax's films captivating. I love Cotillard and Sparks, and admire Driver for his talent, risk taking, and unexpected but clear heartthrob attributes. I generally don't like talk-singing, though, and this film has a LOT of talk-singing. It felt like MOSTLY talk-singing to me, though that could be due to my own low tolerance.

    Carax thanks both Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen Sondheim in the credits, and the latter (not my favorite,…

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  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain

    This is an idiot savant of a film.... It would've been much better silent (or dialogue-free, at least); its verbally articulated "ideas" barely work even as satire, all banal third-rate hippy-dippie quasi-observations, whether they're political or metaphysical. (Kenneth Anger is so much better at weaving the occult/"Satanic" stuff into his similar-minded but much more whole and successful works.) Still, a great many of its images, in composition/re-composition, movement, mise-en-scène, and color, have an undeniable accomplishment and power to them. Next time, I might watch it with the sound off!

  • Mademoiselle



    A re-watch in memoriam of a grande dame of the cinema, departed today.