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  • Tucker: The Man and His Dream

    Tucker: The Man and His Dream


    I hadn't seen this since it was released.... Extra star for Vittorio Storaro's exemplary, glowing cinematography, but even with beautiful period art direction, production design, and costumes -- not to mention the valiant efforts of an abundantly talented cast -- this is a two-star movie at best, well beneath Coppola's gifts. It's positively dispiriting to see the wayward director succumb to Arnold Schulman and David Seidler's desultory script, which combines template, connect-the-dots biopic and courtroom stuff with an unmistakable, rank…

  • Our Man

    Our Man



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  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    This is an idiot savant of a film.... It would've been much better silent (or dialogue-free, at least); its verbally articulated "ideas" barely work even as satire, all banal third-rate hippy-dippie quasi-observations, whether they're political or metaphysical. (Kenneth Anger is so much better at weaving the occult/"Satanic" stuff into his similar-minded but much more whole and successful works.) Still, a great many of its images, in composition/re-composition, movement, mise-en-scène, and color, have an undeniable accomplishment and power to them. Next time, I might watch it with the sound off!

  • Mademoiselle



    A re-watch in memoriam of a grande dame of the cinema, departed today.