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  • Shoplifters


    Every actor in this movie is absolutely aces. I want to see it again now that I’ve been through it once and know all of the relationships; I’m sure there are plenty of little connections that will pop. You just want to spend time with all of these characters, to sit with them and  their care for each other and pretend that the wheels aren’t going to fall off. It’s also great how the movie is unwilling to just let…

  • Shirkers


    Lovely editing to my amateur eye. This is a really enjoyable dive into an incredibly traumatic incident that happened to these women at the start of their careers. While it’s obvious that both the filming and theft of the original Shirkers was traumatic, Tan et al. get past that, in a way that really fills you with her squad’s teenage energy and audacity in daring to make a full length movie. Similarly, you also feel the energy of rediscovery: the…

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    Started strong, but just wandered away into  nothingness.  One of the two brothers near the start notes that online life and offline life are inextricably linked. This is true: you are also your online persona. Yet in searching for a clean ending the movie gets lost trying to prove the opposite: the guy in NYC is a horrible troll online, but actually he’s just seeking meaning; Charles has a girlfriend now, so obviously he’s solved all of his problems; the…

  • The Artist

    The Artist

    A cute concept executed well. Not exactly sure why it won the Oscar, but maybe people were feeling nostalgic for black and white films and just wanted something fun.