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  • My Chauffeur

    My Chauffeur


    Vinegar Syndrome

    Deborah Foreman is pure joy. I love her too much and she is turned up to 11 in this light hearted was almost more than I could take. Then halfway through the film Flash Gordon shows up and pulls out a stupendously funny scene that had me rolling. It was over at that point, My Chauffeur had won me over.

    Just a pure delight and it's 100% because of the two leads. It's just too powerful for…

  • Liquid Sky

    Liquid Sky


    Vinegar Syndrome

    A psychedelic, heroin trip of a film that oozes early 80s New Wave Punk, insane fashion, and the spirit of Andy Warhol. Liquid Sky is an absolutely insane film and it is extremely my shit. It is strange, unexplained, off-kilter, avant-garde, and about something. It's about quite a few things actually and each theme is important and worth being in the discussion.

    Avant-garde art expression can manifest in any shape and form. Liquid Sky brings it out in…

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  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    Part of My Italian Horror/Giallo Adventure

    The lore and reputation surrounding this film is something every cinephile has heard. It's created both an air of mystique and a fear. Many people refuse to watch the film because of the reputation, fearing that's it's just too much for them to handle. As a filmgoer that knows no fear, Cannibal Holocaust is a film that screamed to be watched, to have the experience known.

    Let's start with the good, shall we. This…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    Year in Review: 2014

    This is Cinéma Pur, a work of art that can only exist within the medium of film. It eschews the traditional storytelling narrative in favor for the experience. The plot is there, the story and narrative rises and falls exist, but the film never tells you anything.

    The essence of cinema, and thus this film, is to feed the viewer with images and sound. There is no rule that dictates the mechanisms with which a viewer…