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This review may contain spoilers.

As someone who was married to a vegetarian for 19 years, and suffered several European holidays where finding suitable food was a bloody nightmare. 
As I was a carnivore, I was able to fully explore the local cuisine, sampling fresh Mediterranean fish, snails in garlic, reindeer steaks, puffin in wine sauce, paella and so on... all the time she was sitting across from me, glumly chewing on cheese & tomato pizza or plain pasta was my now ex-wife. 

So it should come as little surprise to hear that I wasn’t overly sympathetic to the poor young lady at the centre of this tale when she’s forced to consume a rabbit kidney as part of the initiation to her new university. 

The events that follow her breaking her meat-free vow are alarming, and more than once I confess that I pictured my ex chewing on a severed finger or bringing up what she used to leave behind in the plug-hole...

While I have to admit that I was a little mystified by the final act of this, I was totally spellbound throughout this film - just brilliant.

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