The Sect ★★★

Satan Sunday

So I have no memory of this early 90s Italian horror movie. I don't even remember seeing it on Blockbuster shelves back then. I blind bought the Scorpion Releasing blu ray recently on the strength of The Church and Demons, a series of movies in which this may or may not be a part of.

This was a good, slow-burn Satanic cult movie sandwiched between a dope opening and a holy shit ending. Basically, the Satanic cult be Satanic culting but that's all I really say because I don't want to give away how they go about raising Satan. There is some great atmosphere and surreal imagery throughout the meat of the film and Jamie Lee Curtis' sister was great. There is a nightmare sequence in the film that was shot beautifully. We get some great camera angles. Also, a rabbit in this movie makes for some comedy, changing TV channels and stopping on a channel discussing satan. But bruh, that "climactic" scene with the bird. Never had that imagine in my head before. You gotta see it.

I didn't end up liking this us much as The Church but it was a fun watch for Satan Sunday.

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