Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Everything Everywhere All at Once is truely as mind bending, unique, and weird as you would expect, delivering some of the mostly creatively dazzling sequences in strangely humorous and heartfelt manner that is distinctly resemblant of the Daniel's sense of humour. There are moments that are truely baffling to see make it through to the final cut and I love every but of it. Making a 139 minute runtime go by this smoothy without any low points is an incredible accomplishment, especially for a comedy of this sort.

The Daniels first film, Swiss Army Man is one of those unique and weird comedies that I love to share with anyone I possibly can, often with the consequence of them never trusting my taste in film again. With that being said, it makes me happy the Daniel's sense of humour came through in what seems to be a universally accessible crowd pleaser with dildo fights and hot dog fingers. How can I not rate this five stars. It's everything i've ever wanted.

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